Shutterwax - DIG ME A WELL

10 Song Release on Dec 1, 2013

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Harvey Brice featured in Podcast

Harvey was featured in a podcast for A Kind Voice Radio, discussing his charitable endeavors with his other band The Unbroken. Listen as Harvey describes what they're doing to help support mental health clinics as well as telling the tale of his own brother who suffers from mental health issues. Please give a listen and help support Harvey if you can!

You can find The Unbroken here:

Listen to the Podcast here


Shutterwax is known for its quirky, pop-driven artistic music deriving its sound from the influences of legendary bands such as XTC, America, REM, Sloan, Elvis Costello and of course The Beatles. They share the sonic diversity of Sloan, the unique sensibilities of Burt Bacharach, the heaviness of Soundgarden and the pop wizardry of Elvis Costello. With a sound that's ever evolving, they strive to produce music that is true to their current mindsets and interests.

The Demantelez collection contains powerful songs from the inception years of Shutterwax. These are songs crafted by Jeff and Mark in the early days when the band was just two. Songs like FWIW, The Feminine Mystaque and My Pal Incubus are heavy and dark with a raw, cutting energy inspired by the angst of routine cover band performance. Like perusing a second-hand store, this album has some gems and misplaced entities and makes for a enjoyable listening experience.

Shutterwax was formed in 2005 by Jersey Shore native Jeffrey Brayne (guitars/drums/vocals) and Northwestern NJ native Mark Rufino (bass/vocals/engineering) as a creative alternative to cover bands in which they were performing. Jeff and Mark originally met in 1995 when forming a Rockabilly trio called Braino, touring and recording whilst riding the then popular Swing/Big Band wave.

Eventually Jeff and Mark met Bournemouth, UK native Harvey Brice (guitars/vocals) to support The Harveymoon as its rhythm section; a Brit-pop alternative act with which they self-released two albums.

Jeff, Mark and Harvey begun collaborating on music hence morphing into a more formal Shutterwax. Leveraging Harvey's Brit-pop sensibilities, they weaved their darker-spirited approach into Harvey's inspiration forging Shutterwax's unique sound and classic sound.

The final addition to the Shutterwax lineup was veteran NJ musician and actress Jessica Zeus (keyboards/vocals) adding a beautiful juxtaposition of influences that shape the multidimensional and dynamic sound that is Shutterwax.

Shutterwax has just recently finished a stint in the studio over the summer of 2013. They are currently mixing and compiling the tracks for a new album. Their next release is slated for Fall 2013!

Bonus Track

Monkey Gone to Heaven

This is a cover of the classic Pixies song we recorded as a soundcheck back in 2010. We la la love the Pixies.